De-Addiction CENTer

A Residential Alcohol Deaddiction and Rehabilitation Centre

We help Drug addicts & alcoholics to seek recovery for another chance in life with deaddiction therapies & treatments.

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Stop alcoholism and other substance abuse today with the help of the dedicated team and holistic APA approach at Brindhavan, De-addiction & Rehabilitation centre, Dindigul.

About us

A Holistic approach to Recovery at Brindhavan

We at Brindhavan believe that recovery from chemical dependency or any other addiction cannot be achieved only through medical help. We always believe in teamwork, which involves professionals from various other therapies, such as CBT, life coaching, regression, personality development, and so many others.

Honestly speaking,one of the best rehabilitation centres around.very good staffs.Thank you entire team for supporting.Thanku Brindhavan
Parasu Raman

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De addiction centre

What We Can Offer


Life Coaching & Regression Therapy

Empowering individuals to achieve personal and professional goals while addressing present challenges through exploration of subconscious memories for holistic healing.


Alcoholics & Narcotics Anonymous Meeting

Supportive gatherings providing a safe space for individuals recovering from alcohol or drug addiction to share experiences, receive encouragement, and foster a sense of community.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Targeted therapy method that transforms negative thought patterns into positive behaviors, promoting mental well-being through practical strategies and evidence-based techniques.


Yoga & Meditation

Holistic practices combining physical postures, breath control, and mindfulness techniques to enhance overall well-being, fostering physical, mental, and spiritual balance.


Drug Addiction Treatment

ultifaceted programs aiding individuals in overcoming substance abuse through medical, psychological, and behavioral support for a healthier, drug-free life.



The process of safely eliminating toxins from the body, often a crucial initial step in addiction treatment, promoting physical and mental well-being.


Strategic Foundations



Aim to lead the market by providing reliable, results-oriented services to the addiction community, constantly innovating to surpass expectations and adapt to emerging needs.



Utilizing cutting-edge methods for addiction recovery, staying abreast of emerging drugs and their impacts on addicts to enhance treatment efficacy. Committed to adhering to industry standards in all facets of support and care.


Core Values

Providing effective and compassionate care through a client-centered approach, ensuring consistent recovery with a focus on cost-effectiveness.

Why us

Addiction is not the end of Life & we can help with another chance!

Embarking on a sober life may seem challenging, but the pain will fade in recovery. Act now, reclaim your life, and seek support from a de-addiction centre for yourself and your loved ones

  • Get rid off from addiction
  • Stop alcoholism and other substance​
  • Lead a healthy life​

Benefit from our specialized knowledge and experience in addiction recovery.

Proven Results

Trust in our track record of helping individuals successfully overcome addiction.


Receive understanding and compassionate care throughout your journey to sobriety.

Tailored Approach

Experience personalized treatment plans that address your unique needs and circumstances.


What are the
symptoms of

  • A strong urge to drink
  • Not being able to stop drinking once started
  • Restlessness & anger
  • Spending excessive amounts of money on substance
  •  Stealing to get the dose
  •  Lying about consumption habits, or getting defensive or aggressive when questioned about consumption
  • Risky behaviour when intoxicated
  • Loss of energy or Motivation
  • Neglecting responsibilities such as work, school or home obligations
  •  Neglect of appearance
  •  Stealing to get the dose
  • Changes in friendship circles
  • Change in social patterns, withdrawing from friends, family and activities

Our drug rehabilitation program is
dedicated to fostering personal growth

Medical Examination

All essential medical tests are performed as directed by the physician.

Thought & Feelings Sessions

Practices towards identifying thoughts and feelings

Psychiatric Support

Regular visits with the psychiatrists are arranged for those with dual diagnoses and constitute part of the individual’s treatment plan.

Psychiatric Examination

For underlying psychiatric disorders, performed by a psychiatrist.

Working the Steps

Writing the concepts of their AA/NA groups.

Relapse Prevention

Understanding personal relapse triggers and learning how to deal with them.


Do you have an aggressive or
non-cooperative addict in your family?

We can help to pick them from your home with our experienced staffs in our vehicle.

Roles of a Family after Addiction Recovery.

alcohol deaddiction center

– Being prepared for recovery support as a lifelong process
– Understanding that addiction is a disease
– Maintaining health records and providing them with treatment providers as necessary
– Advocating for their needs and rights
– Intervening in crises
– Be careful not to use your love and comfort against them
– Understand that they must learn from their mistakes


S. Madhu Sudhanan


S.Madhu Sudhanan

Founder & Managing Director of Brindhavan De-addiction & Rehabilitation Centre

Hi, I am S.Madhu Sudhanan, Founder & Managing Director of Brindhavan De-addiction & Rehabilitation Centre at Dindigul.

I was a former alcoholic, and that was the driving force for the start of Brindhavan. As a former alcoholic, I had gone through all phases of the sufferings caused by chemical dependency & had been to the treatment centre multiple times, and finally recovered many years ago only after my family chose the right place & right treatment procedure.

The advantage of me as a former alcoholic and the knowledge I acquired through the service for thousands of suffering souls to get back their lives from addiction even before starting Brindhavan was a great thing that helped me understand both the in-patients at Brindhavan & their families to play a role in between them as a bridge and make both the sufferer & their families understand the severity of the problem, and educate both of them to support each other for the welfare of their family.

What PEOPLE say
They were great! Such a lovely place and good service too. Staffs are amazing-dedicated, friendly and caring. Thank you for what you are doing. It must be very challenging at times, but you keep forging ahead, and I admire you for that. I'd like to do your presence and I'm hat's off your schedule too, like excercises,yoga,work, classes etc etc.. Facilities were excellent.​
Sakthikrishna Naveenprakash

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