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We are here to help you foster a path to a drug-free and fulfilling life.

We all need support through the rehabilitation process

Brindhavan’s team does not believe in forcing the in-patient to acquire the willingness to quit the addiction of his choice, as we know that it won’t and cannot be consistent and permanent.

We the Brindhavan team are here to educate the in-patient to make their own choice by respecting them first for who they are, which they had failed themselves to get into the outside world because of their addiction problem. 

Directors Voice :

The advantage of me as a former alcoholic and the knowledge I acquired through the service for thousands of suffering souls to get back their lives from addiction even before starting Brindhavan was a great thing that helped me understand both the in-patients at Brindhavan & their families to play a role in between them as a bridge and make both the sufferer & their families understand the severity of the problem, and educate both of them to support each other for the welfare of their family.


We always believe in teamwork, which involves professionals from various other therapies, such as CBT, life coaching, regression, personality development, and so many others.

24/7 Support & Service

Round-the-clock support and service available 24/7.

Qualified Professionals

Trusted support from qualified professionals.


Comprehensive security ensured.

10 Year

A decade-plus of valuable experience.

Aim to lead the market by providing reliable, results-oriented services to the addiction community, constantly innovating to surpass expectations and adapt to emerging needs.
Utilizing cutting-edge methods for addiction recovery, staying abreast of emerging drugs and their impacts on addicts to enhance treatment efficacy. Committed to adhering to industry standards in all facets of support and care.
What people say
Hey this is Dhaya I took treatment in this centre. i had lot problems and addiction on last few years. i wanted to come out all but the way and proper guidance is not available for my problems. But ! My family and relatives suggest this de-addiction centre , I went for treatment to this centre for few months. I am now having lot clarity and proper way to skip my addiction as the basis of one day at a time Thankyou faculty for reconstruct of my life😇
Hey were great! Such a lovely place and good service too. Staffs are amazing-Dedicated, Friendly and Caring. Thank you for what you are doing. It must be very challenging at times, but you keep forging ahead, and I admire you for that. I’d like to do your presence and I’m hat’s off your schedule too, like excercises, yoga, work, classes etc etc.. Facilities were excellent. Highly Recommended!!
Sakthikrishna Naveenprakash

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A Therapeutic Sanctuary for Healing and Recovery